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Talent cultivation project of Harim group

harim group Nurturing talent - Harim group supports education and scholarship programs, farsighted plans for a happier future.

Harim group’s talent cultivation project for a happier future

Education, work to train people, can be called as creating
the future. Harim group cares for the people who
cannot properly enjoy the pleasure of learning and

In order to support the development in the areas of agriculture, fisheries and food, Harim group awards scholarships to cultivate talents whose school performance is excellent but whose family has such a financial difficulty that they cannot continue their studies. Considering that to secure talents who would be able to make contribution to development of agriculture in the future will make contribution to the development of agricultural food industry and become the cornerstone of food security, Harim group aggressively carries forward talents cultivation projects awarding scholarships for children of farmers and fishermen and college students majoring in studies of agriculture and fisheries.

For this, Harim group gives donations each year through Harim Foundation (Kim, Hong-kook, director of the Foundation) which was established in 2003 and carries out talent cultivation projects with such funds. Since its establishment, the Foundation has supported about 900 students up to now and many students who have been awarded the scholarships of Harim Foundation advance into each sector of society and exert their capabilities respectively

Keeping pace with the global era, Harim group will make contributions to the development of agriculture, fisheries and food industries and promotion of welfare of farmers and fishermen by carrying out talent cultivation projects continuously in order to give hopes to the children of famers and fishermen and students majoring in their studies in agriculture and fisheries.

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