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Management System For Vision

HARIM GROUP VISION - You can find out the vision and management philosophy Harim group pursues.

Vision - Global 1st. productivity

  • Unlimited competition

    In the global market of limitless competition, productivity is the only weapon to outrival the competitors and the key to raising competitive-ness.

  • Realization of dream

    In order to realize its dream to become a world-class company in general agriculture, stockbreeding and the field of food, Harim group needs to become a company whose productivity in those areas is world-class.

  • Global 1st. productivity

    Since Jan. of 2007 when it made and declared the vision of “Global 1st. productivity” Harim group has concentrated to put its best efforts to achieve such a vision.

Management Philosophy - Pursue Simplicity

  • Essence and key point with no redundance

    Simplicity pursued by Harim group is to seek the essence and key point by removing unnecessary redundance.

  • Contiunous improvement

    In order to expose such simplicity, we need to polish up and improve continuously.

  • Concentration, specialization and systemization

    Through carrying out the process of examining and removing unnecessary parts, our work is done in a more concentrated, specialized and systemized way.

Vision : Global 1st Productivity, Management Phllosophy : Pursue Simplicity, Spirit of Harim People : Continuous Challenge, Core Value : Be Creative / Be Passionate / Be Ethical, Mission : Value Creation of the Life & Happiness Sharing