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Breeding, Feeding, Raising, Packaging and Distributing! ‘Systematization even for pork’

  • Overview of Sunjin

  • - Address : 114-1 Sadong-ri, Daewol-myeon, Icheon,Gyeonggi-do
  • - Establishment year : 1979
  • - Business areas : Pig farming,feed, meat, meat processingand pork vertical integration
  • - Number of employees : 2,675(2017)
  • - Annual sales : 8,167 Hundred Million Won(2017)
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Promotional video of Sunjin

Sunjin PR Movie

SunjinCU., company wishing to jointly create a prosperous world - SunjinCU, company to become recognized livestock company in the world beyond Korea

Since it started its pig farm in 1973, Sunjin has grown as the leading livestock and food company in Korea as it expanded its business area into feed, pork distribution and meat processing.

With its know-how obtained from its direct operation of pig farms, the Company pursues to have the best productivity in the world and, with respect of its feed business which was started based on the company’s belief that it would produce the best feed to be used in domestic farms, it puts its best efforts to produce credible products while obtaining HACCP certificates.

Sunjin pork, which is strictly produced only in its 380 member farms around the nation opens new prospects in the field of brand pork market.

Also, manufacturing processed meat products having the best quality, the Company makes its efforts in suggesting new directions for the B2B market .

Having its own know-how, Sunjin grows in the global market beyond that of Korea. Since it started to operate a feed mill in the Philippines in 1997, the Company now operates a total of 7 overseas feed mills including those in Vietnam and China in order to spread its culture and value into the world.

Sunjin will put its ceaseless efforts in the future.

Sunjin will make a prosperous world along with the customers in the future by putting its best efforts in: increasing its productivity to become the best in the world; carrying out an eco-friendly and sustainable livestock business; securing the trust of customers by providing our livestock products to be recognized in the market; and making a sound corporate culture by carrying out ethical and transparent management.

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01. Breeding!

What kind of pork do Korean people like to eat? SunjinCU researched breeding pigs and improved the quality of pig for the first time in Korea to find out the most delicious pork that suits Korean people’s taste. Only outstanding breeds can be SunjinCU pork considering its 30 year research on breeding pigs.

02. Feeding!

Can’t we feed our pigs with the feed which we made with our own hands? Let’s give clean feed made with our own hands to the pigs raised in our farms! Thus, in its feed mills obtaining HACCP certificates, SunjinCU cared about feed for the pigs at first and the pigs whose feed is not known cannot become SunjinCU Pork.

03. Raising!

Can’t we make the taste of meat we eat today be the same of that we ate yesterday? Thus, SunjinCU established the system having 180 member farms all over the country. The same feed, same management and same devotion of such member farms! The pig cannot become SunjinCU Pork if the place where it has been raised and the way it has been raised are not known.

04. Packaging!

Can’t we provide a more clean and safe pork? Thus, SunjinCU places its top priority on the hygiene and safety of processing plants. HACCP certifications are the minimum, make freshness and cleanness maintained for longer periods by securing microorganism management and oxygen packaging stricter than that required by laws! Recognized by Japan where the standard of hygiene and safety is known to be too higher and granted quarantine exemption for pork export to Japan for the first time in Korea! The pork produced in any processing plants not obtaining certificates cannot become SunjinCU Pork.

05. Even distributing!

Can’t the pork raised with great care be brought to the hands of customers in safety? Thus, SunjinCU manages the whole process from manufacturing and bringing to the customers’ hands by maintaining a temperature of 5°C. From retail stores, online stores to SunjinCU Pork Plaza! Any pork which has not been maintained at 5°C cannot become SunjinCU Pork.