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  • Overview of PanOcean

  • - Address : 98, Huam-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • - Establishment year : May 1966
  • - Business areas : Shipping,Distribution, trade
  • - Number of employees : 2,222(2017)
  • - Annual sales : 23,362 Hundred Million Won (2017)
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Pan Ocean has become a matchless leader in the dry cargo (Bulk cargo) shipping business, including iron ore, coal, grain, forage, wood, and steel. It has grown into a global shipping company that transports various kinds of cargo to major ports in the world since its establishment in 1966.

We have continuously built trust in high value-added business, such as container ships, tankers, LNG ships, and heavy load carrier service.

We are making endeavors to respond to the diverse transport demands and to realize the best customer satisfaction through all forms of shipping on the basis of operating know hows, accumulated for over a half a century.

We will also prepare a foundation for sustainable growth, developing a new market through the 'grain trading business'. Pan Ocean will do its utmost to develop itself into a 'leading global company specialized in shipping & logistics and grain distribution' that provides differentiated services with the highest professionalism, as a genuine partner and a companion of the future that grows with customers all over the world.

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01. Dry bulk cargo transport

Provision of dry bulk cargo shipping service on iron ore, coal, grain, forage, wood, and steel based on differentiated operating know hows and various types of ships, including liners, tramps, and large vessels

02. Container transport

Provision of the best container shipping service mainly by a coasting line in Korea, China, and Japan based on a rationalized sea route

03. Special cargo transport

Provision of high value-added shipping service via a tanker that ships various kinds of petroleum products, animals/vegetable oils, and more, as well as a heavy load carrier that transports ultra-heavy cargo, and an LNG ship