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Healthy company sharing healthy idea and happiness

  • Overview of NS Shopping

  • - Address : NS Shopping Bld., 15 Pangyo-ro, 228 beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-400
  • - Establishment year : May 7, 2001
  • - Starting date of broadcasting : September 1, 2001
  • - Number of employees : 1,575(2017)
  • - Annual sales : 4,768 Hundred Million Won(2017)
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NS Home Shopping, a healthy idea - NS Home Shopping for creating values of life and sharing happiness

NS Home Shopping (Name of corporation: NS Shopping Co., Inc.), the first home shopping company specialized in foods for the first time in the world, has the motto of ‘healthy idea’ and has grown as a general distribution company placing it top priority on customers’ health and happiness. NS Home Shopping has a vision of creating values of life and sharing happiness.

Based on the management philosophy of ‘Pursue simplicity, NS Home Shopping will make its best efforts in making customers create more values by promptly providing more products Having vivid organizational culture making ceaseless efforts and improvement, the Company suggests its vision of ‘Beyond 4’.

Also, NS Home Shopping as a healthy company fully fulfilling its social responsibilities will create jobs through continuous growth, make contribution to the national economy and be fully responsible for its customers, executives and shareholders. Through transparent management, the Company will faithfully comply with laws such as paying taxes and realize healthy broadcasting for the healthy life of viewers.

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01. TV Home Shopping

- Broadcasting hours : 24 hours
- Number of household audience : 17 million six hundred fifty thousand households (Cable- 15 million households, satellite broadcasting- 2 million one hundred thousand, IPTV- five hundred ninety thousand)
- Products : Livestock products, Health food, Clothes, Kitchen Appliance, Beauty, Leisure and sport items and Insurance (the ratioe of food related broadcasting: 60%)

02. Internet Shopping Mall

- Shopping book: Customer shopping guide directly sent to more than one million two hundred thousand households and introduces about 1,500 products of life, interior and fashion
- New business: Convenient purchase through automatic order by using remote controller/ If notice banner appears at the right top of the screen while watching the NS Home Shopping program, viewers can purchase the products by clicking the red button of remote controller

03. Insurance and financial planning

- Provides comprehensive financial planning service for Gold Age Partners

04. Global distribution

- Grows as global distribution company through NS America in U.S.A , and NS China, in China