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The oldest company specialized in feed in Korea

  • Overview of Jeil Feed

  • - Address : 40-36 Daehwa-dong,Daeduk-gu, Daejeon
  • - Establishment year : Jan. of 1960
  • - Business area : Feed
  • - Number of employee : 500(2017)
  • - Annual sales : 5,653 Hundred Million Won(2017)
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Cheonhajeil Feed, company making a contribution with its mission of customer value creation and success. - Cheonhajeil Feed, company leading the growth of domestic feed industry

Jeil Feed, the oldest company specialized in feed in Korea, has been working a single path over 50 years since it was established in 1960, the embryonic stage of the domestic feed industry.

Also, the Company is the biggest in Korea producing various feeds for fish, pet animals and horses not to mention poultry, pig and cattle.

Under its slogan of ‘Keep clean for the food of people and feed of animals’, the Company obtained ISO9001 and HACCP for all of its plants for the first time in Korea and has kept its promise of putting its top priority on quality through strict quality management and R&D.

Having affiliation with overseas leading livestock companies including Koudijs-Wouda and de heus of Netherlands and Akey of the USA, the Company has accumulated world-class technologies and , since July of 2012 when it made a technology agreement with In Vivo, the biggest livestock company in France, the Company has put spurs for another leap.

Cheonhajeil fully operates four feed mills all over the nation and, having over 100 retail stores, it has grown incredibly during the last 10 years and, in its Central Research Center newly established in Daeduk Techno Valley, Daejeon, ceaseless research activities for developing new feeding technologies have been carried out.

“You can succeed if you go along with Cheonhajeil”, this is the core management philosophy of the Company. Since its customers won the best prizes including president’s award in various areas in recent years, the Company has proven that it keeps its promise.

Until the date when all of its customers succeed, the effort of the company will continue and the Company will play and fulfill all its roles and responsibilities as a leading company in the feed industry in Korea.

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01. Overseas business

Enters into overseas market focusing on Chinese market