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Three-paces integration - This means that farms, plants and markets are integrated in order to create high value – ‘Three-paces integration’

  • Overview of Harim Co., Ltd.

  • - Address: 13-14 Eoryang-ri, Mangseong-myeon, Iksan-si, Chonbuk
  • - Establishment year: 1978
  • - Business area: Poultry and feed
  • - Number of employee: 2,272(2017)
  • - Annual sales : 8,673 Hundred Million Won (2017)
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Promotional video of Harim

Harim PR Movie

Harim, new possibilities of food industry - Harim, new path of agribusiness

Harim, company representing the food industry of Korea, expanded agriculture, the primary industry, into a secondary and tertiary industry and has developed the food industry as a high value industry.

Since it started business in Hwangdeung Farm in 1978, Harim has opened new possibilities of food industry. Putting top priority on quality and productivity, Harim systematized production, processing, distribution and sales and integrated farms, plants and markets – “three paces integration”- so that it could open new paths of agri-business creating high value.

Harim, company which has opened bigger possibilities in the food industry by paving new paths so far, strives to be No.1 in global productivity beyond Korea by developing competitiveness with confidence.

Harim will put its best efforts in expanding its path in the world by securing a stable system of quality and productivity improvement, sustainable growth and profit making through management information system in the future.

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01. live operation

Provides verified feeding management program for improving feeding environment and achieving the best productivity through quarantine/hygiene management system for farm, hatchery and feed mill.

02. fresh meat business

- Visual quality inspection by using VQIS
(Visual Quality Inspect System)
- Manufactures high quality products by introducing One Way
System for temperature control and time management
- Maintaining the best freshness through operating fixed tempera ture rooms

03. further processed meat business

Produces and supplies various chicken products through a freeze processing line for fried food and formed products, refrigerating processing line for sausage, sliced food, grilled seasoned chicken and room temperature processing line for canned chicken breast meat and samgyetang.