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Precious foods to be served to my family

  • Overview of Farmsco

  • - Address : Harim Tower 8 to 11, 130 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • - Establishment year : October 1, 1999
  • - Business areas : Feed, pig farming, Korean beef and fresh food, Meat processing
  • - Number of employees : 1,212(2017)
  • - Annual sales : 10,475 Hundred Million Won(2017)
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Farmsco, company creating healthy food culture - Farmsco, the best company specialized in livestock in Korea growing with customers

Since it first set foot on domestic pig farming industry in 1967 when such industry was unexplored and started its feed business in 1973, Farmsco has made contribution to the domestic livestock industry development.

In particular, as the Company completed to build Hypork Bongdong Farm, which is introduced as an exemplary model of livestock of Korea, and possessed global competitiveness focused on eco-friendly environment, Farmsco receives good reviews that it has taken domestic livestock business to the next level.

Based on the best unified production system in Korea from feed and pig farming to meat processing and distribution, Farmsco put its primary focus of business in providing the best quality and service products to customers.

Hypork, its representative brand, has been recognized as the best brand pork in Korea for 20 years since it was released and loved by customers.

Since 2004, the Company has won the grand prize of the “Good Companies Selected by Women Consumers” nine consecutive years and the excellence of Hypork has been recognized with respect to quality and preference. Recently, the Company launched a new and outstanding processed meat product having less than 3% fat, which shows the differentiated special quality of Hypork to the customers.

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01. Vertical integration (Pig farming /Cattle farming)

  • - With Hypork Bongdong Farm as the center, produces outstanding quality pork by constituting a system best for breeding pigs and raising environment.
  • - In the vast meadow of 164 acres, the biggest one in Korea, it operates and supplies farming complexes that are exclusively used for raising cattle from breeding bull raising to beef cattle distribution.

02. Feed business

  • - Has better understanding of the availability of biometrics of livestock by carrying out precise analysis of raw materials of feed and feeding experiment. Based on such understanding, produces and supplies feed for raising chicken, pig and cattle and pet food.
  • - Carries out corn dry and processing business through PT Harim in Indonesia.

03. Fresh meat business

  • - Hypork, refrigerated brand pork for the first time in Korea
  • - Nation’s first refrigerated brand pork maintaining original taste and nutrition of pork in Korea: Maintains the taste by making special package and supplies only products which meets strict quality standards and passes principal items subject to focused control.

04. Meat processing business

  • - The final stage of Farmsco’s integration business based on the Hypork’s competitiveness in raw materials
  • - Launches low fat ham-sausage (less than 3% of fat) and enter into meat processing business in earnest with market differentiation