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Foreign Branch Overview

harim group overseas corporation - Harim group expands its business areas into various places throughout the world beyond Korea

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No. Business Countries Name of city Corporate name Name of company Establlishment
01 Poultry (Chicken) USA Delaware Allen Harim Foods ALlen Harim Foods,LLC 1919
02 Poultry (Chicken) USA Delaware Allen Harim Foods Allen Harim Farms 1919
03 Poultry farming Indonesia Banten Farmsco PT. CAHAYA TECHNOLCOGY UNGGAS (CTU) 2017
04 Pig raising Philippines Riszal Sunjin SUNJIN GENETICS 2005
05 Feed China Jiangsu Jeil Feed SuzhouHarim Co.,Ltd Harim
06 Feed China Liaocheng (Shandong Province) Jeil Feed HarimFeed Co.,Ltd Feed
07 Feed Philippines Bulacan/Batangas Sunjin SUNJIN PHILIPPINES 1997
08 Feed Vietnam Dong Nai Sunjin SUNJIN VINA CO., LTD. 2005
09 Feed Vietnam Mekong delta Sunjin SUNJIN VINA MEKONG CO.,LTD 2012
10 Feed Vietnam Hung Yen Sunjin SUNJIN FARMSCO CO., LTD. 2009
11 Feed Vietnam Delaware Sunjin SUNJIN FEED COMPANY 2006
12 Feed China Tieling (Liaoning Province) Sunjin TIELING SUNJIN CO., LTD. 2008
13 Feed China Chengde (Sichuan Province) Sunjin SUNJIN(CHENGDU)FEED CO., LTD. 2006
14 Feed China Qindao (Shandong province) Sunjin QINGDAO SUNJIN FEED CO., LTD. 2009
15 Feed Myanmar Bago/Mandalay Sunjin SUNJIN MYANMAR CO., LTD. 2014
16 Feed Indonesia Banten Farmsco PT. HARIM FARMSCO FEED INDONESIA 2017
17 Feed grain (Corn) Indonesia Gorontalo Farmsco PT. HARIM FARMSCO INDONESIA 2009
18 Shipping USA New Jersey Pan Ocean Pan Ocean (America), Inc. 1978
19 Shipping Japan Tokyo Pan Ocean Pan Ocean Japan Corporation 2007
20 Shipping China Shanghai Pan Ocean Pan Ocean (China) Co., Ltd. 2005
21 Shipping Singapore Singapore PCan Ocean Pan Ocean Singapore Bulk Carrier Pte. Ltd. 2005
22 Shipping Brazil Soa Paulo Pan Ocean Pan Ocean Brasil Apoio Maritimo Ltda. 2008
23 Home shopping China Shanghai NS Shopping NS International China 2011
24 Home shopping USA LA NS Shopping NS America 2009